Discover more about Federico Price

“…Work it is all about passion and excitement”, says Federico Price Bruno creative director and co-founder of Federico Price. He’s the son of a Sicilian father and English mother, and spent a dream-like childhood in Cumberland, Northern England, surrounded by marvelous landscapes.

A refined and well-established designer, Federico has a bubbling personality; his style makes him a “Sustainable Dandy”, a contemporary version of Oscar Wilde. But Federico is also an environmentalist and an animal lover. He is behind the “Eco Mule” project that is reclaiming the use of old mule paths across Italy.

With strong determination, Federico rode on a mule from Palermo to Rome to bring his battle to the Congress. Federico Price’s adventurous spirit resonates in his work: his creativity brings together several countries and stories assembled in a unique syncretism of cultures. With his enterprise, Federico Price wants to reclaim Palermo’s original spirit, regenerating the activity of leather goods that was flourishing in the past.

He finds in Palermo the perfect opportunity for his challenge: “…it is a city overlooking the Mediterranean where all forces converge”.

Federico Price