Handmade Luxury Bags Men’s Tailored Suits

federico price palermo
Aurelio di Cataldo Abiti alta moda palermo


Work it is all about passion and excitement

True sustainable and non-industrial products. Federico Price searches, retrieves, models, transforms and meets high quality standards.

Busy hands work a pure silk kimono and delicate African fabrics that lend a softer edge to military fabrics from the Cold War years, Italian haute couture and leathers that excite.


Men’s Custom Tailored Suits

Made To Measure in Palermo

Federico Price and Aurelio Di Cataldo

Clothing Designer


Fashion Style

Abiti su Misura Sartoria Alta Qualità Palermo

In Palermo are two artisan fashion companies with the same philosophy who have created a shop for the production of Men’s Perfect Tailored Suits

 Look and Feel Your Best Haute Couture