Federico Price | Handmade bags by craftsmenStory telling Mood

This mood portraits a mosaic of cultures, histories and traditions of the populations across the Eastern European borders and remote lands.

A relevant source of inspiration for this mood comes from the vision of Sergej Michajlovic Prokudin-Gorskij, a Russian pioneer of photography and chemist in the 1800, who studied the origins of the immense Russian empire.

These customs and traditions are narrated in our Old Russian mood bags. A relatively wealthy country that is part of this vast Russian empire is the Uzbekistan that gave origins to a nomadic population famous for their Ikat silks velvets.

Cathrine Bag Uzbek | Handmade bags by craftsmen | Madrid
Federico Price | Handmade bags by craftsmen

Our storytelling proceed to Indochina where we pick the mood narrating about the famous silk route, an itinerary swarming with commerce and chaffer; The Storytelling bags take us back in time recreating the spices and aromas of these countries.

Cathrine Bag Matrioska | Handmade bags by craftsmen | Illinois
Federico Price | Handmade bags by craftsmen