Federico Price | Handmade bags by craftsmenStory telling Mood

This mood portraits a mosaic of cultures, histories and traditions of the populations across the Eastern European borders and remote lands.

A relevant source of inspiration for this mood comes from the vision of Sergej Michajlovic Prokudin-Gorskij, a Russian pioneer of photography and chemist in the 1800, who studied the origins of the immense Russian empire.

These customs and traditions are narrated in our Old Russian mood bags. A relatively wealthy country that is part of this vast Russian empire is the Uzbekistan that gave origins to a nomadic population famous for their Ikat silks velvets.

Cathrine Bag Uzbek | Handmade bags by craftsmen | Madrid
Federico Price | Handmade bags by craftsmen

Story telling Mood – Federico Price | Handmade bags by craftsmen

with the use of precious and recycled materials

Our storytelling proceed to Indochina where we pick the mood narrating about the famous silk route, an itinerary swarming with commerce and chaffer; The Storytelling bags take us back in time recreating the spices and aromas of these countries.

Cathrine Bag Matrioska | Handmade bags by craftsmen | Illinois
Federico Price | Handmade bags by craftsmen