Clic Clac Kimono #4 | Handmade bags by craftsmen


These suggestive bags are crafted with vintage kimono silks that come directly from Japan.
The bag’s mood narrates the ancient history of the origins, the production and the use of silk in the traditional costumes of this population.
These suggestive bags make the woman who wears it travel with her mind.

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Clic Clac Kimono #4 | Handmade bags by craftsmen

Clic Clac Kimono #4 | Handmade bags by craftsmen

With the use of precious and recycled materials

Federico Price | Handmade bags by craftsmen

Each bag is entirely handmade by local artisans in Palermo, using stock leather and fabrics.  It is linear, resistant and compact.
Federico Price’s clic clac clutch  bags are inspired by the iconic 50s Granny bags, elegant and essential .
The artisan’s dedicated craftsmanship proves thorough attention to details that makes each piece a high end product.

The lining of each bag is made of fine fabrics such as brocade, silks and wool, combined accordingly to the mood of the bag.
One little pocket complete the design of the inside. All the nickel accessories are made in Italy. Each bag is completed with shoulder chian strap.


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Haired pony skin, Kimono silk lining, Real leather- Crocodile printed


nickel shoulder chian strap

Dimensions in cm.

20 x 10 x 7