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Creations without time

Detail, quality and style. We recycle, reduce, reuse, create beauty and put works of art back into circulation, with zero impact, that remain timeless.

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Detail, quality, style. Bags, clothing, leather, wood, stone, stories, dreams, once again in circulation, products that are rich in history. The preservation of folk traditions, eco-design, talent and desire for rebirth, contagion and the “magic of the past” are all present.

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Sustainable Fashion

Memory, learning, innovation, rhythm and emotion. True sustainable and non-industrial products. The “Price Ecodesign” searches, retrieves, models, transforms and meets high quality standards. Busy hands work a pure silk kimono and delicate African fabrics that lend a softer edge to military fabrics from the Cold War years, Italian haute couture and leathers that excite.

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